Commercial Kitchen Remodel

This restaurant location was established over 30 years ago, and the original grills, fryers and back shelf exhaust hoods are no longer keeping up with demand. We designed the new kitchen with the customer and applied for permits, closed the business down for 4 days, removed all of the old kitchen (stainless steel built in tables, walls, (2) back shelf exhaust hoods, ect). We found that the original tile floor did not extend under the old built in stainless steel cook line, so we had our crew come in during the night and install tile and grout so we could continue the remodel without having to extend the store closure. We fabricated and installed a new center stainless wall that houses the electrical for the grills and equipment on the cook line.  We custom fabricated tables to fit the needs of the kitchen equipment and size of the kitchen.  We hung the (2) new type 1 exhaust hoods and connected to the existing duct work. We installed all of the kitchen equipment and completed the inspection for the city permit. The kitchen is designed so that all of the tables and equipment can be rolled out and the kitchen properly cleaned each day.

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