HVAC Services

What we offer

Complete HVAC Services

With 100 years of construction experience and over 20 years of service experience in the commercial and industrial sectors, JH Kelly is the number-one provider of HVAC services in the Pacific Northwest. From design to construction to maintenance, our team offers unmatched expertise, allowing us to tackle complex projects while maintaining an unflinching commitment to quality.

Our HVAC services include:
  • HVAC Service and maintenance
  • Air handlers
  • Boilers
  • Building automation services
  • Chillers
  • Computer room systems
  • Engineering
  • Processing heating and cooling systems
  • Remote monitoring of computer-controlled HVAC systems
  • Duct work installation and fabrication
  • VAV systems
  • Control retrofits
  • Boilers
  • Heat pumps and gas furnaces
  • Package rooftop equipment
  • Exhaust systems

HVAC Construction

JH Kelly is a full-service mechanical contractor offering a complete set of construction / quick response services to carry your project from start to finish. From our fabrication shops throughout Western Oregon and Washington, our SMACNA-certified technicians build your system from the ground up. Once installed, JH Kelly begins an extensive commissioning process to ensure your HVAC system is free from faults and running at peak efficiency within your specifications.

HVAC Design

Our design services are focused on understanding the owner's vision for performance and feel. We deliver HVAC solutions that are fully-integrated with other building systems and the structure with collaborative and transparent participation throughout the entire design process. Our team of design engineers, detailers, and craft develop design deliverables that incorporate our decades of experience constructing and maintaining buildings. Our solutions minimize complexity, maximize functionality, and emphasize long term reliability and value.

HVAC Maintenance

The cost of running HVAC systems can be daunting, typically accounting for 50% of a building’s energy costs. That’s why keeping your system running in peak condition is so important. To make this process as simple as possible, we offer planned maintenance agreements which automatically schedule specific tasks and services to ensure your facility is properly maintained and serviced at optimum intervals.

If something does go wrong, JH Kelly also offers 24/7 emergency repair services to get your HVAC system up-and-running again as soon as possible.



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